Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Already the Middle of February? WTF?!

I had lofty aspirations of blogging my brains out this year. It wasn't necessarily a New Years resolution, but I felt like I could really benefit from having a creative outlet. Well, it's now officially into the second half of February, and this is my first blog post of the year. Pretty sad.

This is a breakdown of what's going on with and around me of late:
  • Work still sucks (don't bother asking me if I'm looking for a new job, because I'm not)
  • My baby cousin got locked up for buying crack cocaine (and is starting an in-patient detox program tomorrow)
  • Ship and C-Reg are now "just friends" (yeah, right)
  • I made a new friend, Jay-Emz, who represents everything good about human beings (but who unfortunately lives in the incestuous hell-hole known as Reston)
  • I rearranged by bedroom furniture and now I feel like I live in a new place
  • I've decided that I want to learn to speak another language (I'm thinking French)
  • My friend Kimmah is no longer single (we're both very happy about this)
  • I have curbed my shopping and have been dumbfounded at how much money I have managed to save (in related news, Lane Bryant stock prices have plummeted)
  • My parents remodeled their kitchen (finally)
  • I'm heading off for an early camping trip in Mid-March and fully intend to freeze my arse off (Smelly will be staying home in the warmth)
  • I miss my JoZaff because we never get to see each other anymore and that makes me very, very sad

Unfortunately, that's about it. No new adventures in dating, no exciting forays into international intrigue, and (thankfully) no utterly heartbreaking losses.

Until next time . . .


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