Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Very Definition of Insanity

I wanted to post about this last week when it first happened, but I decided to give myself the weekend to calm down before I wrote this post. I’m still not that calm.

There is a guy who works downstairs from me named Vic. Normally, I would change his name to protect his anonymity, but not this time. Vic is a good ol’ boy – a middle-aged former Marine from Texas who drives a pick’em up truck and owns a Harley. He’s always seemed like a nice enough guy, and I’ve definitely enjoyed his company while taking smoke breaks at work.

Now, Vic is a Republican, and while we generally don’t see eye to eye on politics, I have never held it against him, and actually felt bad for him one day when he was being ganged up on by a whole bunch of his Obama-supporting co-workers.

That all changed on Friday.

We were talking about the election and how Sarah Palin is being offered up as the sacrificial lamb by the Republican party to help explain away McCain’s loss. And I definitely agreed with him that she was sharing too much of the responsibility for the outcome of the election.

Then he told me that I should read “Obamanation” so that I would see the truth about our President-Elect. Supposedly, he was responsible for a civil war in Kenya which killed 23,000 people, but no one ever talks about it because of the liberal media. (Apparently, he’s never heard of Fox News.)

He then goes on to say that he can’t wait until Obama is assassinated. Gulp. Excuse me? Did I just hear that right? I asked him to repeat himself, and he confirmed it. He said that he would never actually do it himself, but that he would be thrilled if Obama was murdered (because America would never impeach its first black president according to him – no matter what Obama did.)

Um. I’m at a loss for words that there are actually people out there in this world who think this way. Am I living in a bubble here? I know that racism is definitely alive and well in the US, but this really blew my freaking mind.

So now, whenever I see Vic, I will be going to smoke elsewhere, even it if means that I have to get yelled at by the Nicotine Nazis.

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Kate said...

Wow! And I thought it was bad when my coworker said she can't wait for 4 years to be up so we can get a "real" president. But THAT that Vic said is just wrong!