Thursday, November 16, 2006

Appraise THIS . . .

Well, it's annual appraisal time, and I thought this year was going to be a good one (in terms of my compensation), but, alas, I was wrong.

So my raise ended up being substantially less than what I felt it should be. And I have a couple of choices: 1) throw a fit, 2) be patient, or 3) start looking for a new job.

Throwing a fit: basically, all that will do is make me look like a jackass. It's not going to change anything except my boss' perception of me. I think I will pass on this option.

Being patient: although a much more mature response than throwing a fit, the outcome will probably be much the same . . . nothing will change.

Looking for a new job: Ugh. Double UGH, even. New jobs suck. Mostly because you have to meet a bunch of people and try to figure out who you can trust and who you can't; who is good to have lunch with; who you should stay away from; etc. Then there are the new routes to work that you have to learn, including the best ways to avoid traffic during inclement weather. Oh, and proving yourself all over again. One more time for effect . . . UGH.

I guess the real question here is this: Is it really worth it? Is having to deal with all the stuff/ drama that goes along with a new job really worth a few thousand dollars a year? I mean, all in all, I love my job. Yes, I work exceptionally long hours, have a lot of responsibility, and report to more "managers" than I can count. But the work is interesting, and most of the people I work with are exceptionally nice. And even the ones who aren't "exceptionally nice" are at least "relatively nice." And I have a few select people that I deal with daily who I know would be lost without me. One, in particular, who has been going to bat for me since I first started here three years ago. And knowing that by leaving here I would be letting him down, it makes the decision to go that much more difficult.

So, for now, I will stay. And hope (with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed) that my boss will realize just how irreplaceable I am and give me some more money in a few months. Because ultimately, job satisfaction is way more valuable than money. But money is always nice.

Wish me luck!

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