Friday, March 09, 2007

I know it's been a while . . .

I know it's been quite a while since I have posted a blog. Sometimes life gets in the way of talking about it online. I guess that's a good thing though!

So, here's an update on some of my previous blogs:

  • Tall Glass of Crazy is getting married. Yup. At first that news hit me like a sharp kick to the stomach. Not because I was jealous that he was going to marry someone else, but because I was jealous that he (the poster child for immaturity) was going to do one of the most grown up things in the world before me. But then I realized that just because he was getting married didn't mean that all of the marriage/children stuff isn't still waiting out there for me. And as much as he made my life a living hell after our breakup, I still wish him the best. Deep down he's a good guy . . . it's all the pscyhological stuff that made him into a raving lunatic.
  • Britney & K-Fed: Well, I certainly didn't see this one coming. Maybe I should have. Someone should have, right? K-Fed as father (and husband) of the year? I'm still skeptical though. Is he just playing his cards right to get back in Brit's good graces so he'll have access to the money (and his kids), or is he really a genuinely nice guy? I'm going to reserve judgement on this one, because I just think it's too early to tell how this whole scene is going to play itself out.
  • Work: Yup, still no raise, and the hours just keep getting longer. I was supposed to be off yesterday and today, and was hoping for a nice, long, 4-day weekend, but it didn't happen. I worked all day yesterday, and today (Friday) I'm at home but still checking e-mail. To make matters worse, I'm going to have to go into the office on Sunday. Blah.
  • Pita turned out not to be such a P.I.T.A after all. Around Christmas, I got a text message from her, and since then, our friendship has been getting back on track. I am forced to eat my words where she is concerned, because I said she would never apologize, and she did. And it wasn't one of those "oh, yeah, i'm sorry" kind of apologies either. It was truly heartfelt, and made all the difference in the world in our friendship. And I must confess that I really did miss having her around. I mean REALLY missed having her around.
  • My New Lease on Life isn't so new anymore, but things are going pretty well. It's definitely nice living with a guy. Especially one as utterly metrosexual as Ship. And Smelly (my giant beast-dog) has learned some new tricks thanks to him, and seems happy in the townhouse. And that's a good thing, because if Smelly isn't happy, no one's happy.

And that's about it on the old posts. New updates and posts will hopefully be coming soon!

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