Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm just curious . . .

I was tooling around on Craig's List and saw the following ad under "Would You Like a Fun Roommate":

"Hi! I was in the midst of the horrible task of searching for an apartment when I was stuck with a deviant idea. I am curious if anyone would enjoy a scandalous living situation... perhaps you would enjoy the fact that I love cleaning in the nude from time to time or give wonderful massages. Quick info about me - I'm slender, cute, and a redhead. I am currently in a graduate program and I also work plus I have a boyfriend so I would only be around a couple nights a week. I need you to be over 40, friendly, and extremely discreet. Plus, financially secure enough to have an extra bedroom with a private bath you would be willing to part with rent-free!"

Interesting. Does anyone else find it disturbing that an intelligent (assuming since she's in grad school) 26 year old woman would be willing to whore herself out for free rent? I know the cost of living is ludicrous around here, but seriously? And what does she think her boyfriend is going to say when he finds out? Because believe me . . . he will definitely find out.

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