Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fairfax County (Government) Sucks

I’m sorry if you live anywhere in Fairfax County and have to deal with the rocket scientists who staff the Fairfax County Government Center.

First of all, let me fill you in on my debacle. I, in my constant state of disorganization, forgot to pay my Fairfax County personal property taxes for the part of 2006 prior to me moving to Arlington County. That was my mistake, and I had to pay a hefty late fee AND an additional charge to release a hold they had on my account with the DMV because of it. That was in late January. In early February, I sent my registration renewal form to the DMV with a check and they sent it back because Fairfax County hadn’t released the hold yet.

I figured that since it took forever for the payment to Fairfax to clear my bank account that maybe the hold hadn’t been released by the time the DMV check was sent. No big deal.

So, on Monday, after a written reminder (read as: two tickets) from our friends at the Arlington County Police Department on Friday, I decided to go get my registration taken care of. I went to the DMV and sat and sat and sat. At 4:45, they finally called my number. I explained what I needed and the lady at the DMV told me that she couldn’t help me. “Why?!” I asked. Because Fairfax still hadn’t released the hold. DMV Lady, in a non-typical act of kindness, told me that I could call Fairfax County and have them correct it and then jump back in line and she would get me set up.

But no. That was too easy. The Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration closes at 4:30. I called them the next morning and had them fix the hold, which took WAY longer than it should have. But it’s finally fixed.

I went to the DMV again this morning and emerged relatively unscathed (although slightly poorer). Man, I sure can’t wait to do this all over again next year. Luckily, next year I will be dealing strictly with Arlington County.


Jo said...

Oh you poor thing. I'm still waiting for my damn title so I can drive legally again :-)

Helen Skor said...

Are they supposed to send you your title or do you have to get that through the DMV?

Jo said...

I'm actually on hold with American Honda at this moment trying to figure out where the f*k they sent it.

Anonymous said...

FAIRFAX COUNTY SUCKS! They spend over a million dollars of your money on the trees alone around the palace of a Government Center they built. We should all have dibbs on it to throw parties in that beautiful building since we partly own it. Way to go Fairfax!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to pay my real estate tax a month early online but the site wouldnt let me because it was too early even though I had received the bill via mail. I made a note to try again in a couple of weeks but forgot. If you pay your RE tax even a day late, you get a 10 percent penalty which in my case is over $500. No recourse. I feel like the county is standing on my neck with jack boot while I am getting getting butt f**ked. Usury laws prevent outrageous interest rates, (i.e. 10% a day) but call it a penalty and it is OK. I performed 30 hours a week volunteer work in the FFX county schools for about 2 years, boy don't I feel like a sap! Look at the recent sessions of the county board, just about every license fee, late penalty, user fees etc. were increased. Budget crunches dont seem to affect plans for new Rec Centers. If my finances are tight, I think it might be a good time to shelf plans for a new pool.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to pay your taxes? You should not have any gripes. You are stupid.