Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Hour, Indeed.

It's rare that I am able to enter a room and be surrounded by so many kindred spirits. I was a little apprehensive about the happy hour . . . I guess I was letting self-doubt (my biggest enemy) get the best of me. But I can't remember when the last time was that so many hours have flown by so quickly.

I know I am going to fail to mention quite a few folks, but I want to tell everyone how nice it was to meet them. Especially Carrie, Mandy, Arjewtino, INPY, Dagny Taggart, LMNtal, Freckled K, Bathroom Reading, and, of course, the "fat on the inside" Average Jane. It was much fun.

As Jo and I were wandering to the car in the pouring rain, I told her that it wasn't really a good night out unless you went home wet. And I was soaked. Thanks, kids . . . can't wait until the next one!


Carrie M said...

so glad you came out as it was awesome to meet you. So awesome in fact that I'll be spending more time in VA with you and Jo. That's serious. ;-)

Arjewtino said...

Heh. You said "it wasn't really a good night out unless you went home wet".

Great to meet you, HS; next time, more singing!

Helen Skor said...

Arjewtino: Yeah, the "home wet" comment was actually directed at INPY who said he always meets the nicest people in the gutter where his mind usually is! Glad you could join us there!

Carrie: I'm glad you're serious . . . you are welcome in VA any time!

Average Jane said...

Girl, I'll always be fat on the inside. Unfortunately, when I got "not so fat on the outside", my boobs went on vay-cay. I'd love to have em back.

It was absolutely FANTASTIC meeting you! Me you carrie m. and jo MUST do girls night. And SOON!

ADW said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been reading through here and was thoroughly entertained.

mandy said...

it was great to meet you as well!

:) Hope to see you again soon