Monday, April 23, 2007

I Love Birthdays!!

Wow! What a weekend. Not only was the weather fantastic, it was also a weekend full of fun and excitement.

On Saturday, I got up early and went to PL Catlady's and Capt. Logistica's place for a production meeting in preparation for the 48-hour Film Festival, which is coming up in 2 weeks. We developed a story, worked out props and costumes, set up some pretty ingenious camera angles, and basically made an 8-minute movie in about 6 hours. It was a lot of fun, and I think most of us feel much more confident about our capabilities going into the big showdown.

After all the excitement of my morning, I went home and caught a quick nap before getting ready for a night on the town. Ship made a fantastic dinner which went down nicely with some fine spirits (a couple Red Bull & vodkas, and a glass of Moscato d'Asti). We then headed out to Guarapo* in Arlington to meet up with my friends. And I have to say, I have some really great friends! Unfortunately, not everyone could get in because of the dress code. (Apparently, ripped jeans are fine, as long as you aren't wearing them with flip flops.) That meant that PL Catlady, Capt. Logistica, Skeezy Edward, and the Gods couldn't get in, which was a major downer. Luckily, I was pretty loaded at that point, so I recovered from the disappointment rather quickly. Ship, Yogi, and I had a water battle before we finally called it a night, and we caught a cab home, where I promptly passed out.

Yesterday, I didn't really have any plans when I woke (besides catching up with Jo at some point), so I ended up going out to Pita's dad's place to see her nephew who is 9 months old, and to barbecue. I adore Pita's family, especially her dad and her sister-in-law, so it was a lot of fun and her brother is definitely a Grill Master! After that, I headed home completely stuffed, and met up with Jo who kept me company while I took Smelly to the dog park. Then it was back in the car down to PL’s to view the first completed draft of the movie that Capt. Logistica and Ralph had spent all afternoon editing.

Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend. But it was definitely worth feeling completely worn out today (and still somewhat hung over!).

I Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!!

* A word to the wise: if you go to Guarapo and get a hookah, make sure you don’t let the drunkest person at the table pick up the tongs to move around the little charcoal thing, because she may squeeze it a little too hard and end up sending hot ashes raining down on the table and into everyone’s drinks.

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